Why ReTran®?

ReTran technician

As with any vehicle component, transmissions may fail and if that happens, one economical option is to purchase a remanufactured transmission. The Allison ReTran® program adheres to strict, original factory guidelines and is an excellent choice when selecting your replacement transmission. Dovell & Williams’ factory-trained technicians are able to install your remanufactured transmission, delivering a superior product and returning your vehicle’s transmission to like-new condition.

The Allison ReTran program offers configurations for 1000- through 4000-series transmissions in light-commercial to heavy-duty applications. Dovell & Williams has offered the program for several years and maintains a wide service network through their authorized dealer/distributor locations. Every genuine Allison ReTran transmission is rebuilt from the ground up, which includes a two-year warranty for parts, labor, and towing. An extended warranty is available for purchase.

“We have a significant inventory of more than 250 Allison ReTran transmission units. Our trained technicians can give your transmission a second life through the ReTran program,” says Dennis Huber, Indel Power Group, Allison Account Manager.

Dovell & Williams offers special pricing packages to remove the old transmission, installation and labor for the ReTran®, fluid, genuine parts, etc., all in one pricing menu. This allows the customer to have accurate expectations and no surprises. Dovell & Williams strives for a quick, 96-hour turnaround time, while adhering to Allison’s guidelines and procedures.

Ryun Froman, Aftermarket Account Manager at Allison, works with all distributors in North America providing a contact point and interface for aftermarket parts and ReTran sales. “The ReTran is a great option for a transmission replacement. Allison’s ReTran product offers the closest you can get to a brand new, factory transmission,” says Froman. “We are introducing the new TES 668™ Approved fluid to our ReTran models that replaces our current TES 295® Approved fluid, starting in April 2021. This follows the OEM factory fill launch of TES 668 in January 2021.”

Jason Long, Remanufacturing Operations Manager at Allison, described what makes a genuine Allison ReTran different from other rebuilds. “Our remanufacturing facility disassembles the transmission part-by-part and qualifies each part for reuse. Any components that need to be replaced are reinstalled using new, Allison Genuine Parts™, resulting in a more reliable, long lasting transmission. We inspect for quality at each stage of the ReTran assembly process measuring against stringent, OEM wear-limit specs. Every unit is also 100% leak tested and dynamometer tested to ensure it meets original factory specifications,” says Long.

For pricing information, contact the Dovell & Williams location nearest to you.