Redesigned with the customer in mind


Isuzu is rolling out a redesigned version of their popular F-Series medium-duty trucks. This is the first product to come to market under the Isuzu Cummins Powertrain Partnership (ICPP) formed between the two companies in 2019. Thanks to this partnership, F-Series trucks sold in the United States and Canada will feature the Cummins B6.7 diesel engine.

The 2022 F-Series will be available as a Class 6 FTR with a 25,950 lb. GVWR a Class 7 FVR with a 33,000 lb. GVWR, and a de-rated Class 6 version of the FVR. All three of these medium-duty models will be available in 8 wheelbases.

It still uses the F-Series’ distinctive cab-forward design, which increases cab-to-axle space. This gives these trucks more cargo capacity for a given length than their conventional cab competition. As a result, buyers have more flexibility when choosing body applications to fit their loads. The longest wheelbase truck can handle a body up to 30 feet long.

Both trucks have a 50-degree inner wheel cut, resulting in a turning diameter between 43.7 feet for a 152-inch wheelbase truck, increasing to 65 feet with a 248-inch truck. New LED headlamps improve visibility at night, while improved seating makes the vehicle more comfortable for drivers and passengers. Air suspension is available for buyers who need to carry fragile loads.

Isuzu will use the most powerful version of the Cummins B6.7, delivering 260 HP and 660 lb-ft. of torque.  To make emissions service easier, the diesel particulate filter, catalyst, exhaust cooler and electronic exhaust restrictor are built into a single unit just ahead of the tailpipe. This engine is mated to an Allison RDS 2500 Series 6 speed automatic transmission. Transmissions fitted to the FTR have a park pawl. These trucks are available with 50- and 100-gallon fuel tanks.