New Safety Technology and More for the Isuzu 2022i N-Series

Isuzu has added new safety technology to its N-Series line of diesel trucks for the 2022 interim model year also known as 2022i. The company has made improvements to the interior of this series as well giving a modern look to the seats and control panel.

A Collection of Safety Technologies

Electronic vehicle stability control (EVSC) is one of the most notable additions to the 2022i N-Series. This system monitors the position of the steering wheel along with tire speed giving the driver an audio and visual dashboard alert when stability loss is detected. The truck automatically brakes in response to decreased stability to bring the vehicle back to equilibrium.

Anti-slip regulation is another piece of technology that works with the EVSC when roads are slippery. A driver can disable both of these features if necessary.

Optional Automatic Emergency Braking System or (AEBS)

The optional AEBS uses dual mounted cameras to monitor vehicles and pedestrians that are too close to the truck. When the AEBS kicks in it gives the driver audio and visual warning alerts and brakes will be engaged automatically.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

This optional feature gives an audio/visual warning to the driver if the truck moves too far away from the center of the lane.

Both the AEBS and the LDWS are part of the optional Advanced Driver Assistance System for this Isuzu. The Mobileye suite monitoring for collision and lane departure continues to be an option for customers.

Additional Improvements

Rear disc brakes, a corrosion resistant stainless steel 30-gallon fuel tank, an expanded fuel and sediment filter and bi-LED headlamps are a few of the additional improvements. The new headlamp design releases more light and creates less heat.

A Refreshed Interior

Seats are covered in tricot fabric of blue and gray. A dark gray steering wheel, gear shift, parking brake and control panel complement the seat fabric.

Production of the Isuzu 2022i N-Series with all of these safety technologies and other improvements will begin in July 2021. This vehicle is due to roll off the line in the third quarter of the year.