Dovell & Williams has key strategic financial partners that allow us to provide a tailored solution to meet our customers’ diverse and specific needs.

The scope of the options available include a FMV (Fair Market Value) Lease that allows the customer to turn in the vehicle and walk away at the end of the term. This lease can be bundled with a maintenance package that covers some or all of the maintenance cost moving forward, net of any extended warranty programs.

Additionally, D&W, with key financial partners, can structure a TRAC (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause) Lease that gives the customer the ability to participate in the gain or loss at the end of the term relative to a predetermined residual value. This structure really puts the customer in control of the asset with usually less money down and a lower monthly payment. This structure also presents an opportunity to build maintenance cost components into the fixed portion of the lease to reduce risk and smooth out total cost cycles.

TRAC Leases can be structured on new vehicles, trucks coming off a FMV leases and low mileage used assets. D&W can assist customers in disposing of the assets coming off a TRAC lease or other used assets as parts of a full-service solution.