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Our Fleet Maintenance services cover a wide range of cost-effective and comprehensive solutions that provide an alternative to simply scheduling repair jobs in one of our shops on an as-needed basis. We recognize that “vehicles” are not your business but rather a tool to facilitate your business. What you need is uptime and reliability without the headaches and uncertainty of managing all of your fleet maintenance. The hidden costs of tracking and scheduling maintenance, handling breakdowns, providing alternative transportation, etc. can have a significant impact on your bottom line. We have engineered different levels of support and management reporting to meet your needs. We want to function as your local partner to help you control costs and keep your trucks on the road. Just as you are the “experts” in your particular business, we are the “experts” when it comes to Fleet Maintenance.

Consistent PMs are the core of any effective fleet maintenance program. Following the vehicle’s recommended operations guide for intervals of lubrication and filtration will give you the best return on your investment. In addition, touching the vehicle at scheduled mileage intervals allows for more general overall inspections that can help to identify needed repairs before failure occurs and you incur more expensive downtime. It is important that an experienced technician periodically examines the key components of each vehicle: brakes, suspension, electrical system, drive train, exhaust, belts, hoses, pulleys, pumps, cooling system and fluids.

We utilize an industry standard inspection form that covers all the bases. Or we can customize a list of checks and maintenance options based on your specific needs and fleet. Once we have your VIN list of vehicles, we make sure that we have the appropriate filters and maintenance items on hand.

We will work with you to make scheduling and performing of the PMs as convenient and hassle-free as possible. It is critical to establish a consistent schedule and then stay up-to-date so that your fleet functions most productively and operates in a safe manner that helps you meet all DOT and regulatory requirements.

We can perform the PMs either in our shop or onsite at your location – even during off hours like evenings and weekends. This increases your fleet availability and reduces the need for spare or backup units. We have a fleet of PM vehicles that are equipped to provide the basic services required. We dispatch these vehicles from all seven of our DW/JT related locations so we can usually work out a convenient schedule. When more involved repairs are identified, we can then bring the vehicle into our shop to complete the service. All repairs are based on published service repair times (SRT’s).

You have heard it said that “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Our Decisiv software platform provides the report management and communication tool that enables you to track all of your maintenance costs down to the vehicle level. PM Currency gives you a real time snapshot of where your fleet stands in terms of adherence to the schedule (e.g. what % is overdue). Our Frequency of Repairs Report identifies the most common problem areas by VMRS codes. You will be able to track costs by vehicle and better manage your scheduling.

Contact us to send out a road service unit at any time or to provide towing assistance if you need your vehicle transported to one of our shops.

  • Fixed Costs
  • Monthly fee per asset
  • PM Currency so you stay on schedule
  • Improved driver retention
  • Convenient, on-site scheduling
  • Proactive repairs vs. Reactive
  • Eliminate “headaches” of other options
  • Minimize capital for facility / personnel
  • No shuffling of trucks around to other sites
  • Inspection Form that covers all the bases
  • Consistency in labor hours
  • Communication platform so no surprises
  • Fully equipped mobile PM vehicles
  • National network with over 200 facilities
  • Professional, experienced staff
  • Standardized operations (VMRS codes)
  • Up to date diagnostic tools
  • Consistent Reporting
  • Track $$ per vehicle
  • More Uptime / Longer vehicle life
  • CSA compliance and overall vehicle safety
  • Good PM records lead to higher resale value
  • Efficient fleet mix / Replacement cycle
  • Company image of well-maintained fleet
  • Consistent performance over the long haul