Selling and servicing commercial trucks since 1937, Dovell and Williams, located in Glen Burnie, Frederick, and Baltimore, Maryland, offers a variety of truck lines and one of the most extensive service, and parts departments in the mid-Atlantic.

The company sells a large number of Isuzu trucks, which have a wide range of cab-over engine vehicles that are great for a variety of applications, from electricians and plumbers, to trash removal, landscapers, and refrigeration, as well as general delivery.

“The cab-over model is a great truck for many applications, especially in the city. It’s got a tight turning radius, which is important for operators in urban areas like Baltimore and Washington, DC,” says Rick Kramer, Truck Sales, Dovell and Williams. “The truck has evolved over the years. Isuzu offers gas and diesel N-Series trucks from 12,000- to 19,500-pound gross vehicle weight. The gas engine can be converted for CNG and propane applications as well. Later this year, Isuzu will be releasing the FTR (25,950-pound GVWR) and FVR (33,000-pound GVWR) truck with a Cummins, six-cylinder engine and single-stage emissions contained between the frame rails for easier mounting of aftermarket equipment.

Isuzu’s innovations, such as longer wheel bases, offer more adaptability to specific needs, for example, adding power take off and better suspension for weight-carrying capability. “Isuzu’s innovations make the trucks able to do more sophisticated tasks. The increased reliability of the trucks has made them more popular,” says Bob Rickert, Truck Sales, Dovell and Williams.

Isuzu’s FTR truck provides application effectiveness, durability, and quality. Also designed for the urban environment, it fits numerous applications across vocational markets, with eight available wheelbases. It’s powered by an Isuzu 5.2L, turbocharged, four-cylinder diesel engine with an Allison transmission.

Joe Sgroi, Isuzu District Sales Manager, has been with the company for nearly 30 years. “The low-cab forward truck is the only cab-over still on the market because of its reliability, quality, fuel economy, driver visibility, turning radius, and emissions. Those are the biggest selling features of the truck,” he says. “In the city, visibility is extremely important and the driver can see someone directly in front of the truck.”

A three-year unlimited warranty is standard, but can be extended to five years. The N-Series diesel engine has a B10 rating and exceeds all other manufacturers in the same class.

“Isuzu has an extensive support system across the U.S., and provides roadside assistance in all 50 states, as well as an extended warranty through authorized service and parts shops. Their commitment is very strong,” says Rickert. “If you’re looking for reasons to buy Isuzu, you’ve got efficiency, performance, and a strong network of support.”

Isuzu values Dovell and Williams as one of their top dealers in the country and an Isuzu Circle of Excellence award winner, which requires meeting certain standards in sales, training, truck and parts inventory, and customer service.