Isuzu Starts Production of 2022 F-Series

Isuzu cars and SUVs once played a fairly prominent role on America’s roadways, with models like the Rodeo and Axiom turning heads. Although the company no longer makes commuter vehicles for the North American market, its commercial truck line is stronger than ever. This is particularly true in overseas markets where the industry is evolving and thriving. The brand’s vehicles are used in a variety of light-duty applications the world over, and Isuzu Commercial Truck North America recently announced the start of production on the company’s 2022 F Series line.

The F Series Will Be Available in Several Configurations

The F Series will be available in various models, including Class 6 FTR 25,950 GVWR and Class 7 FVR 33,000 GVWR. The FVR and FTR models come with a 50-degree inner wheel cut, and the F Series models boast a low profile and LED headlamps for greater control and visibility.

The brand will also be using the Cummins B6.7 Efficiency Series diesel engine. This engine combines with the six-speed Allison RDS transmission for better fuel economy without sacrificing power.

According to Shaun Skinner, president of Isuzu Commercial Truck North America, the brand is proud to offer a range of Class 3 through Class 5 gas-powered models and Class 4 through Class 7 diesel-powered models. The F Series is expected to add value to the brand for both customers and investors while incentivizing to push the industry forward toward a cleaner future.

Future Plans For Clean Energy

The brand has focused its commercial vehicle division efforts on energy savings across the markets it serves globally in recent years as part of its Environmental Vision 2050 initiative. The goals stated in this initiative include reaching zero greenhouse gas emissions and the achievement of 100% waste recycling by the year 2050.

These goals are being achieved in tandem with current initiatives to promote employee wellness, community cohesion, sustainable growth, and impactful partnerships on a global scale. The company states that its goals can be achieved by collaborating with customers and business partners who share the same vision.